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Changi Airport
Terminal 1,2 & 3

Changi Airport is the pride of Singapore as its gateway to the country. It is known for its world-class design and structure and is one of the largest transport hubs in Asia. As one of the world’s busiest airports, it has been also rated many times as the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax.

Facade Cleaning

Diamond Glass Enterprise prides itself as a leading service provider for façade cleaning with a long outstanding history of remarkable projects in this aspect. Diamond Glass Enterprise’s team of technicians are able to carry out facade cleaning works of impeccable quality for various building structures and shapes to suit the client’s façade cleaning needs within budget and on time while following up with excellent after service care.

Re-sealant Work

Through the use of our team of Rope Access Technicians, Diamond Glass Enterprise has carried out various re-sealant works at many of Singapore’s remarkable landmark buildings. With the use of a sealant gun to carry out sealant application to the facade of the buildings, our team ensures that leaks and drafts around window panels that form the facade of the building are professionally sealed to ensure a tight and permanent seal even in the areas where access is challenging.


Spanning from building structures to shipyards, Diamond Glass Enterprise as part of its maintenance services provides painting works for clients of such buildings and structures. We use our in-house Rope Access Team and Scaffolding capability to apply premium paints and ensure a steady and even application of paint coat to the facade of the structure, we look at the integrity and quality of all of our painting works leading to client satisfaction along with after sales support. We are proud to have completed the gel coat painting for Arts & Science Museum on a tight schedule in 2015 and recently repainted the Singapore Sports Hub

Film Installation

Another specialized service provided by Diamond Glass is the Saftey Film Installation. With the use of a thin layer of polyester film, our team of technicians are able to provide installation of this film to the internal and external facade of the building to hold shatter glass together in instances of breakages and hence reducing the risk of injuries that may be caused from breakages.