Manufacturing Division

Equipped and powered with the most advanced fabrication machineries, Diamond Glass, in its own factory produces high precision both in cutting and bending aluminium extruded profiles, 

composite panels and aluminium solid sheets. Diamond Glass owned aluminium and glass factory in Singapore manufactures different types of facade systems designed for every project. 

Diamond Glass also undertakes work to fabricate and assemble aluminium canopies, railings and ACP panels for facade projects in Singapore.

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Diamond glass manufactures high quality cladding materials for all our projects.

Curtain Walls

Dimond Glass offers a range of aesthetical curtain wall solutions and tailored solutions for design specific architectural design projects as well.

Windows & Doors

Dimond Glass has a variety of windows and doors to suit all designs required. All products are carefully selected by our specialist team who source products for their quality, choice of range and value.

Bomb & Bullet Resistant System

If you are looking at installing a bomb resistant system, Diamond Glass manufacturing division has bomb resistant systems for various projects. Our glass and steels structures are tested and proven to withstand

Subframe System

offers many styles and profiles of subframe which allow for erector ease of installation with varying opening tolerances and provide a method to control water for weeping to the exterior of the building.