Inspection Division

Diamond Glass sees the importance of façade inspection as it helps to maintain a safe building for the occupants and building users. Diamond Glass is offering facade inspection services for over 15 years. We provide facace inspection for every type of residential and business building. Inspection is done manually or by using technology; in drone, or using technology; in particular using high-tech drones videography and thermography.

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Why is Facade Inspection Important? Facade Inspection helps to maintain a safe building for the occupants and building users. It also protects passersby on the sidewalks, roadways adjacent to the building from any potential falling debris from taking place. Identifying existing and potential facade defects is crucial and neccessary to maintain public safety, building aesthetics and the value of the building.

Drone Inspection

Drone Inspection has been used for many of our projects. Diamond Glass facade inspection department has a dedicated and experienced drone inspection team. Instead of manual inspections wherin technicians need to use access for inspections, drones armed with a camera to beam footage is an effective way to conduct facade Inspections

Thermography Inspection

Diamond Glass also has its own in-house certified thermographer who is able to read thermographic images and understands temperature distribution on an infrared spectrum. Certified thermographers can analyze. diagnose and draw conclusions based on images they see. For example, they can check and confirm if there is a cement, and diagnose any similar problems or defects in the facade based on their analysis of thermographic image and conclude where there are faults and defects to be remedied.

Manual/ Hands-on Inspection

The advantages of manual inspection is that inspectors can thoroughly inspect the building facade elements very close up. In areas where the drone video recordings are insufficient, manual hands on inspection may be needed. Facade inspectors will analyse the photos taken, and make recommendations accordingly.

Lab Analysis

Diamond Glass also delivers professional facade testing services for all facade materials like cladding, aluminium, steel, granite, sealant to help you meet the stringent building requirements, ensuring the protection and safety of the building and its occupants.

BCA Facade Inspection

Diamond Glass has its own in-house Certified BCA Facade Inspectors that are competent and skilled. Our BCA certified inspectors are well-trained and knowledgeable in all the technical requirements under the Building Control Act.