A&A Division

Addition and Alteration (A&A) works are changes to a building structure and are classified as minor works that make adjustments to a building but not changing or risking its structural integrity. The works could be in the form of repairs or renovations as well as customizations to existing areas of a facade. Whether it is the adding of canopy or pathway shelters, modification of the structures, installing additional roofing or staircases or adding partitions, Diamond Glass has an excellent team of designers, engineers and construction proffessionals and a vast experience in A&A works, to handle complex designs and projects.Some of our impressive A&A portfolio, like Changi Airport Terminal 1,Marina Bay Sands CAAS Changi Control Tower, SMRT, Sports Hub, Ritz Carton Millenia.

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Facade Replacement

We design, supply and Install both glass or aluminium canopies, shelters and pathway extensions. Our design team will ensure that all materials used, will exquisetely compliment the design of every building